The Planets Suite consists of three components:

Preservation Planning Tool, Plato

Planets’ preservation planning tool, Plato, incorporates tools to identify the characteristics of at-risk digital objects and measure the effectiveness of tools to preserve them and meet defined user and organisational requirements. Plato implements Planets’ preservation planning model to automate processes to build and evaluate preservation plans and so supports informed decision-making.

To obtain a log-in and access Plato:

Planets Testbed

The Planets Testbed provides a controlled environment and Corpus of 5000 sample digital objects. It allows users to carry out experiments to test the suitability of preservation tools and workflows developed in Plato. Results of experiments carried out in the central instance of the Testbed are publicly available making it possible to benchmark the outcomes of preservation processes.

To obtain a log-in and access the Testbed:

Interoperability Framework

Planets’ Interoperability Framework is a Java-based platform that allows users to discover and deploy digital preservation tools. Through its service-oriented architecture, the Interoperability Framework provides access to remote, third-party tools and services across a web-service. It also hosts standard software services such as authorisation, authentication, orchestration, data and metadata management.

The Interoperability Framework provides an environment in which it is possible to define and execute preservation workflows. In Planets, these are specified using workflow templates in which a sequence of actions is denoted by placeholders. Workflows can be executed in the Planets Workflow Execution Engine within the central instance of the Testbed.

To enable efficient exchange of data between institutions using different data models and interoperability between distributed services, Planets has developed service interfaces and a common Digital Object Model enforced through the Digital Object Manager. Once integrated within the Planets Framework, tools can be invoked in preservation planning, the Testbed and incorporated within preservation workflows.