Interfaces and implementations of data types for Planets services.


Interface Summary
DigitalObject A representation of a digital object.
DigitalObjectContent Representation of digital object content.

Class Summary
Agent Planets agent representation.
Checksum Immutable representation of a checksum, containing of the algorithm used and the actual value.
Content Static factory methods for content creation.
DigitalObject.Adapter Adapter for serialization of DigitalObject interface instances.
DigitalObject.Builder Builder for DigitalObject instances.
DigitalObjectContent.Adapter Adapter for serialization of Content interface instances.
Event A Planets Event
Metadata Representation of immutable tagged metadata.
MigrationPath Simple class to build path matrices from.
Parameter This wraps the concept of a service parameter.
Parameter.Builder Builder for Parameters with optional values (type, description).
Property Property representation using an URI as ID.
Property.Builder Builder to create property instances with optional attributes.
ServiceDescription A entity to hold metadata about services.
ServiceDescription.Builder Builder for ServiceDescription instances.
ServiceReport A report from a preservation service defined based on the need identified in the 1st and 4th Service Developers Meetings.
Tool A richer tool description, so that the system can work in the absence of a tool registry.

Enum Summary
ServiceReport.Status Service report status.
ServiceReport.Type Type of information returned by a service.

Annotation Types Summary
Queryable Marker annotation for methods to be queryable (e.g.

Package Description

Interfaces and implementations of data types for Planets services.

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